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Bill Klingensmith
AIGA UPSTNY - Past President | Current Member

Jeff Barlow
AIGA Seattle - Past President | Current Member

AIGA is my church.

I relocated from NYC to Charlotte in 2006 and met wonderful friends, found a sense of community and gotten a ton of clients through attending AIGA Charlotte events. AIGA has an incredible diversity of designers that help each other to grow and encourage one another. It is something I believe in deeply and wholeheartedly.

I am honored and excited to be a part of AIGA as a Membership Director so that I can help others in the design community as AIGA has helped me!

Rachel Martin | Charlotte

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  1. Douglas May Says:


  2. Taylor Made V Steel Says:

    I am also honored to be a part of AIGA. Charlotte is a sight better than NY, too many folks.

  3. Dry Erase Boards Says:

    Yeah, I lived outside of Charlotte on Lake Wylie for a few years, and know that AIGA does a great job within the arts community.

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