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Bill Klingensmith
AIGA UPSTNY - Past President | Current Member

Jeff Barlow
AIGA Seattle - Past President | Current Member

Friends that last a lifetime.

Because of AIGA, I have built friendships that I know I will retain for the remainder of my life. Together, as a community, we have moved mountains and knocked down barriers. We’ve rallied the Colorado design community and we’ve built new bridges, inspired students and seasoned designers and we’ve made people ask questions and have started the dialog that will shape the evolution of design.

Because of AIGA, I’ve come to realize the world is small. As a leader within AIGA, I’ve come to know other leaders in other chapters and have been inspired. Inspired to inspire others and continually do better as a designer throughout my lifetime. AIGA members are approachable, thoughtful and inspiring. I love AIGA.

Mindy Nies | Colorado

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