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I drank with Sean Adams.

I feel like I’m part of fraternity, where there is no pretense or “I’m better than you” attitude. I’m part of the network.

It helps me validate my profession to non-designers, and it lends credibility to my work.

Derek Vogel | Reno / Tahoe

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  1. Sean Adams Says:

    First, I’m sure it was only milk with some wholesome chocolate chip cookies. And second, the better reason is because of AIGA I drank (milk) with Derek Vogel.

  2. Derek Vogel Says:

    Yes, I believe they were whole grain cookies… But no what we consumed, Sean Adams embodies the very best of AIGA, and I had a great time with him and everyone else in Omaha that year.

  3. KevinTran Says:

    Nice post

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