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Bill Klingensmith
AIGA UPSTNY - Past President | Current Member

Jeff Barlow
AIGA Seattle - Past President | Current Member

student group member to adult

As a student of a small, womens only institution, AIGA was my way of ‘holding my own’ amongst very accomplished, outspoken women. I volunteered to become our AIGA Student Group President in a moment of spontaneity but this decision opened a world of design that I really couldn’t have tapped into otherwise. I embraced AIGA‘s inspiration more that year which led to my best work for my senior year of college.

Now I’m graduated and in the real working world as a design associate. It isn’t the big, posh design firm some may dream of – but I know I wouldn’t be here, with a job, shortly after graduation, if it weren’t for the connections I made during AIGA.

Emily | Raleigh

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