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Because of AIGA » » I have Purpose beyond Aesthetics.



This project was created by:
Bill Klingensmith
AIGA UPSTNY - Past President | Current Member

Jeff Barlow
AIGA Seattle - Past President | Current Member

I have Purpose beyond Aesthetics.

With AIGA we are more than just a bunch of artists trying to make a living. When we unite to face the challenges of upholding the integrity of this profession from being diluted by “people with computers”, we have a Purpose. AIGA gives us the backbone we need to teach others the value of good design. AIGA builds a community where designers of all types can come together to network, share ideas, get inspired, and even socialize with like-minded people. And, among many other things, AIGA stands up for design, and designers, against anything that threatens to devalue our work and profession. Therefore, because of AIGA, I am more than just an artist trying to make boring stuff look cool, I am a graphic designer who has a Purpose beyond mere Aesthetics.

Personally, AIGA has given me something to get involved in that truly matters to me. I can attend an event here or there and become inspired, motivated, educated, or even just entertained. Or I can get involved with my chapter and help decide what my design community looks like, feels like, and does for its members. Either way I’ll still have the opportunity to connect with other people and to build lasting relationships, both personally and professionally. In the end though, just like with everything else in life, you’ll get out of it what you put into it – and I get a lot. Thank you AIGA.

Gage Mitchell | Wisconsin

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